Sivananda Yoga is a fantastic way to become fit, relaxt and healthy.

Find all information about the ashtanga and sivananda yoga classes in Rotterdam and Den Hague on the website of Yoga Maya. Yoga Maya ia a collaboration of Sophie Raynor (Ashtanga Yoga Rotterdam) and myself (Yoga Vidya Rotterdam).

Sivananda yoga

is an holistic form of Yoga, physical challenging and relaxing at the same time. The classes include breathing exercises, sun salutation, Asanas (postures), relaxation, mantra singing. All levels are welcome.


Increase of general fitness a never before known feeling of total relaxation, more energy, new vitality, mental clarity, strenghening of the immune system, new self-confidence, improvement of concentration, intuition and creativity. The ultimate goal of yoga is the realisation of the true self. This leads to true love, a feeling of unity, ultimate knowledge and happiness.


Om namah Shivaya! My name is Janine Rama Shakti Brall and I practice yoga for eight years. Four years ago I came in contact with the Yoga Vidya Institute in Germany and immediately liked the holistic approach.
In the meanwhile I have finished my yoga teacher training & meditation teacher training at Yoga Vidya and teach yoga for different ages and target groeps in Rotterdam and Delft. Frequently I follows workshops and trainings to gather new inspiration. I like to share the positive effects of yoga with my students, my style of teaching could be described as peaceful, motivating and humorous.



More information about dance and performance will follow soon on this blog!

OM Shanti!